Ogos 13, 2008

Countdown to Inheritance Cycle Book Three #2: Eldest

Title: Eldest (Inheritance Cycle Book Two)
Author: Christopher Paolini
Publisher: Knopf
Published: March 2007 (Trade Paperback)
Price: RM39.90

A sequel. That means more adventure.

Last month I've reviewed the first volume in Inheritance - Eragon. The first book focuses on Eragon and his journey with Saphira, struggling between becoming Dragon and Rider, plus learning that their life is threatened by evil King of Alagaesia - Galbatorix. Later they joined the Varden, a rebel group, in a mission to take the King's cruel reign and replace it with peace. In the last battle, Eragon was badly injured, only to be awakened by a mysterious persona whose name was Togira Ikonoka, The Cripple Who Is Whole, inviting both Eragon and Saphira to the deep forests of Du Weldenvarden, waiting to answer questions that clouded their minds.

Thus Eldest brought us the tale when Eragon and Saphira had to travel far to the northest region of Alagaesia, inside the land of the elves. Together with the help of the dwarves, and Arya the elf, they journeyed and encountered many things - until they arrived and train with Togira Ikonoka. Meanwhile, things were not well in Carvahall. Roran must fight for the sake of his family, friends, village, and his lover Katrina - a fight that put his cousin Eragon in even graver danger.

I simply love how the story goes on chronologically in the novel. The story divided itself into three parts: Eragon, Roran and Nasuada, each told from their perspectives. Eragon, facing problems in becoming a rider, and in love; Roran with the aftermath of Eragon's escape from Carvahall; while Nasuada with the hardships in leading the Varden after her father's death. Then about the plot - it is simply packed with so many elements - action, romance, suspense - thus developing the story better. But the title brings more significance, and interesting consequences too. Similar to the prequel, the title is strongly related to a main character. Eldest is actually a secret that would be revealed much later in the book; a secret that I myself was taken by surprise. And this secret too is related to the the series' name: Inheritance. Curious, huh?

Anyway, I'm not very fond of books with too many pages. Yes - this book is 679-page long. Oooh, lengthy indeed. To think that this is going to be the thickest book I've ever owned. Certainly not. Breaking Dawn in the Twilight Saga has 754 pages. That's almost a 100 more than Eldest. I wonder whether Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is thicker? For me 500 is okay. But over 600 is a bit excruciating. But the irony is: the thicker a book gets, the more I feel like reading the book.

And yes, this means that there's only about a month before the release of Brisingr, Inheritance's third volume.

Let the countdown begin!

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