Julai 28, 2008

Countdown to Inheritance Cycle Book Three #1: Eragon

Can't wait for this? I can't, that's for sure.

Title: Eragon -- Author: Christopher Paolini -- Publisher: Knopf (US) -- Year published: 2005 (Trade Paperback)

Yeah. A very nice adventure book, I know. What? Haven't read it yet? Now there's a problem.

Let's see.. how should I start this review..hmm. Well how about we look through the story summary. Basically Eragon is all about a young boy named Eragon, 15, who found a polished blue stone in The Spine, a forest in the mountains near his village, Carvahall. Never realised that it is actually a dragon's egg, Eragon faced a big problem when it hatched Saphira, a baby dragon -- making Eragon a Dragon Rider --making both of them becomes the target of the evil King, Galbatorix. Learning that there is a new Rider, the Ra'zac--King's servants--hunts for them, murdering Eragon's uncle in the hunt. Eragon, with the help of the mysterious storyteller Brom, fled Carvahall in order to avenge the Ra'zac. Realising that the fate of Alagaesia lies in his hands, Eragon fought his way to defeat the rule of Galbatorix and learnt to be a better Rider.

A strong reason for liking this book: the journey, the adventure, and the fantasy itself. Some may say that the story lacks originality; saying that Paolini picks up bits of other epics and adapted them into the story (such as Lord of The rings, etc). But hey, don't they actually read it? For a boy in the age of 15 to write this high fantasy novel, plus the 'excruciatingly' high level english words that many of them I don't understand..Oh these made them more a tale, rather than just a story.

Another reason for being attached to the book: the plot, the characters, and the settings. The places Eragon visited never bored me. Al--ways give wonders to readers. Yes, the characters as well. Well, I kinda like Saphira more than anyone else, but then I think I liked Solembum too. Hmm? I don't like human characters, you say? Urm, I guess it is true in a way. And the plot, wow, it really is good. And fortunately, the sequel, Eldest is even better. Surprising to know about the secrets revealed, especially the ones in Eragon that is explained in the second book.

Even though the first book is 500+ pages, and Eldest is almost 700, plus more in Brisingr (I think so), it doesn't force me to close the book and get a good night's sleep. Yea, the story may be revised and simplified, but then all the journey is gone if they have done that. Development of the characters and plot are also good, and the cover is getting even better from the first to the third book. Glaedr, the golden dragon looks so cool in that black background (but Saphira, I still love you)!

And the third is coming out in September. Anyone pre-ordered already? (I have, FYI)

Next month, entry #2 for Eldest will be posted, and in september we'll celebrate Brisingr's arrival! It's sort of a countdown (like what i mentioned in this post's title). So while waiting how about dig in Eragon first?

And, just a little reminder, better to not watch the movie if you already read the book. Don't ask, you'll be sorry to know why.

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