Oktober 08, 2008

New Moon

Title: New Moon (Twilight Saga #2)
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Publisher: Little, Brown
Year: May 2008(Paperback)
Price: RM39.50
Pages: 563

See my review for Twilight Saga #1: Twilight here.

Yes guys, this is a sequel. For Twilight—obviously. You definitely know when you see the cover. The font, black background, plus a little red element in the cover illustration. But of course you know it from looking to the author’s name below the picture there.

Still remember the prom night when Bella said to Edward that she was ready to be a vampire? And Edward rejected the decision. Realizing that Bella would be risked to death with the Cullens living around her, the family decided to leave. Bella was left lifeless and soulless, trying to forget about the Cullens’ existence.

But a meeting with one of the three nomadic vampires last year (in Twilight) in the meadow led to a disastrous turn in Bella’s current life. It becomes complex when Jacob Black came into Bella’s life—bringing a new happiness during Edward’s absence. But still, the Cullens’ flee has left a big impact on Bella—especially Edward—and a tragedy befalls her. Edward, learning this news, decided to end his life. What happens next?

Personally I love Twilight more than its successor. New Moon is quite monotonous, and not action-packed at all. Having vampires tailing you is much more suspenseful (Twilight) than to stop your boyfriend from committing suicide (New Moon). And Victoria, she was trying to attack, as she is the antagonist in this book, but she was just mentioned, trying to break the defense from the werewolves to approach Bella. Thus some reviewers even rated this book C+, a bit higher maybe a B. Bella also shows so much weakness and sounded so ‘uncool’ without Edward and Alice, I almost fell asleep through the 563 pages of this novel. Read for yourself, and you’ll understand what I’m saying. I myself would give this a C, maybe even worse, D. Sigh.

How about sinking your teeth in Eclipse? Probably it’s better. If you’re curious about what I would say about the third book, well, wait until next time.

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