November 01, 2008


Title: Eclipse (Twilight Saga #3)
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Publisher: Little, Brown
Year: June 2008(Paperback)
Price: RM39.90
Pages: 629

Ok, so this post should be posted like, a month or two ago. So that's why I'm still expecting my copy of Breaking Dawn (read the last sentence of this post). Enjoy. Oh yes and if you want to read my review for the first 2 sequels, click here: #1:Twilight; #2: NewMoon.

I still don’t get what the pictures in the first two books are trying to symbolize. Especially the second one, since Wikipedia also said that it brings no specific meaning relating to the book. But the third volume with the ribbon picture being torn into two portions—well that is to show the choice Bella has to make between two people. Jacob Black or Edward? Eclipse unravels it.

The fight is still on. Victoria, James’ vampire mate, is still trying to take her revenge towards Bella (Victoria didn’t even show up in New Moon, she was just mentioned). After provoking The Volturi, a vampire royal family, it became harder for Bella as they are trying to get Bella to become one of them. The situation worsened with the misunderstanding between vampires and werewolves, both are number one enemy to each other. Bella also found that she loves Jacob Black too—what would she do? Choosing to love between a vampire and a wolf-boy is definitely difficult. The army of dangerous and thirsty newborn vampires is coming, would the Cullens defeat them in order to save Bella?

The number of pages is increasing. But the story is not very much developed. No, what I mean is it is very slow developed. I wonder if this how the romance novels work out. I understand about Bella, a girl, the heroine of the story trying to convey her emotions in detail, but sometimes it’s a bit long and boring (My friend even says that you are like reading someone's blog or something..and I realise that its true!). I am hoping that the final book in this series, which has the most number of pages—which is 754—to be more suspenseful and thrilling. Well it must be me, not liking romance books. Or is it?

Apparently, Eclipse is better than book two, thanks for that fact. But somehow I still find Twilight as the best book in this saga. Eclipse’s climax point is very much interrupted by Alice’s vision, which already knows the newborn attacks’ direction and all; it is better when Alice don’t have that power. It would be more dramatic and full of surprises. Besides, I feel (sometimes) Jacob is a nuisance trying to get Bella’s attention, but then I think he is much cooler for a couple to Bella rather than Edward. So that means sometimes Edward is better, and sometimes it’s Jacob. Hmm am I biased, or what?

Well, hopefully Breaking Dawn could bring me much more excitement than Twilight. Hey, it’s the final book! What do you expect?

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Ammar Faris berkata...

salam dan,
de nak recommend buku pape x kat aku???

buku nih mcm slow ek??

dan berkata...

hmm susah aa kalau nak recommend kat ko sorg. ko dahla kat us, senang gile gile gile nak dapat buku. book club pun berlambak. join la satu. kat uk ngan us dah mmg supplier buku tahu! so ape kata kO pulak yg recommend kat aku.

buku ni, no 1 best. no 2 crap. no 3 bolehla. no 4, bhgian dpn best. kat belakang cam crappy gak laa.


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