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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Book IV: The Battle of The Labyrinth - A Season for the Most Grotesque-Looking Monsters, and Beginning of A War!

Title: Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Book Four: The Battle of The Labyrinth
Author: Rick Riordan
Price: RM49.90
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
361 pages

Beware! Spoilers Inside.

Salam. Hey, finally the wait is over! I can finally breathe again. I've waited so long for this wonderfully woven tale. If you have read my earliest book entry here, I already told you guys about the Percy series. This is actually the fourth of five instalments of the chronicles. So if you want to know more about the first three books, check out my post on Percy Jackson & The Olympians, or just google them in a click away. (Oh yea, excuse me for suddenly using English, because I think English books with so many weird terms should be explained in the language itself. and, FYI, the post that I mentioned before is in Malay, and not very detailed). Now let's go through the fourth book.

If you are following the story you should remember that the previous year, Percy got attacked by a manticore (lion with head of a man). This time two empousai (now monsters having one donkey-like leg, one bronze leg and brazen slippers, with nasty fangs) in cheerleaders uniform wanted to kill him in his new school. Accidentally he is in the same school with Rachel Dare, a mortal with the power to see through the Mist. Well, Percy actually met her in Hoover Dam when he is trying to save Annabeth in the Titan's Curse (Book 3).

Aww, this is going to be long, guess I'll have to make it shorter.

Well, after killing one empousa, and got the other threatening to destroy Camp Half-Blood, Percy immediately went there with Annabeth. On their arrival Percy discovers Dionysus' absence and Grover in a hearing to revoke his searcher's license after 6 months claiming that he heard Pan waiting for him. Percy also met Quintus, a new but mysterious swordsman.

Then, when playing a deadly camp game, Percy and Annabeth found an entrance to the Labyrinth. Luke is trying to invade camp from the entrance within the camp. This leads to a quest to search for Daedalus, the Greek inventor of the Labyrinth. But the only way that was known to steer the Labyrinth and not getting lost inside the maze is by using Ariadne's string. Annabeth, who was assigned to get the string from Daedalus before Luke does, enters the Labyrinth, together with Grover, who got his last chance to prove his claim in one week, Percy and Tyson, Percy's half-brother.

Don't forget Nico, Hades' son! He is trying to awaken his sister Bianca back to life. Falsely believing in King Minos' ghost advice, which is to trade soul with someone who cheated death with his sister's, Nico led his way inside the Labyrinth to find Daedalus to kill him. without knowing, Nico is helping the ghost king to seek revenge thousands of years ago.

Well, basically they all gather inside the Labyrinth and met all kinds of creatures, whether god or monsters. The characters are getiing weirder and weirder throughout the book! Let's see..we have Kampé, a vicious woman waist-up with a bottom part of a dragon, bat-like wings, Medusa-like hair and a 'belt' with animal faces transforming. Annabeth also met Janus, a minor god of doorways and choices, which unsurprisingly has two faces instead of one. Then we'll see Hekatonkheires, telekhines, dracenae, Laistrygonians, Typhon, Geryon, and, for your sake, a Sphinx, which I'm sure that this is the only creature that almost everybody is familiar with (and maybe the easiest to pronounce, too). But since they cannot go further unless they get lost and attacked, Rachel Dare finally came to the rescue. Surely you'll notice Annabeth is getting jealous!

Basically there are so many stories to tell, boy, should you read it by yourself. Especially the part when the half-bloods are preparing for the last battle with Kronos, the Titan Lord who has finally been resurrected from the pit of Tartarus. Seriously, it's exhilarating! The mysteries are solved well, and the ending was well written. Sad enough to hear that this series only has one more to come. Ah, I'm going to miss these stories after the launch of Book 5!

I've been thinking to rewrite the reviews for the other three books, in individual posts.

Before I forgot! Tell you something, what I bought was actually the first upper pic you see. The second pic in purple, is the UK-version new cover! It's improved and more beautiful than the previous ones, don't you agree? You can see Percy there with his Anaklusmos and watch/shield facing the nastiest monster yet, Kampé. Unfortunately, it will start to be sold in July, so anyone interested, you would have to wait for a little bit longer.

Hey, don't forget to check out the author's new and improved website, with more exciting features here. For the official website of the book, click here. Like the new British covers more than the American's? Click here.

Well, gotta go. Grab the book while it's still hot!

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